WHAT'S NEW 2012-02-23

“A1 China TeBo” complies with DNAs for New Hotel Residences

[MyGoNews/Special Report] Basically, "Hotel-Type New Residence" shall have 4 absolute DNAs:

1.      Geographical advantage DNA – The location for the base shall facilitate the circulation and commutation of the businesspersons. So the products with Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) accessible, with direct access to the international airport, and to be circulated in international business negotiations will become the first choice.

2.      Product advantage DNA – The products shall be made with high-grade architectural planning and design, and all the high-end hotel-type residences in the world are the benchmark buildings in local areas .Five-star restaurants will be largely built with stone materials to achieve high sense of texture for image building.

3.      Safety advantage DNA – In addition to the living comfort and good image, safety is a necessity. In Japan, hotel-type new residences highlight seismic resistance so that the residents can maintain the safe living state forever.

4.      Property management advantage DNA – Specialized property management for global five-star hotels is employed to maintain the quality at high level, and ’’Hotel-Type New Residence’’ will of course have the specialized property management to maintain the architectural quality.


Take ’’A1 China Tebo’’ as an example to verify whether there are 4 necessary DNAs of “Hotel-Type New Residence”.

l   Geographical advantage DNA – The base for ’’A1 China TeBo’’ is situated in “Taipei Railway Station Special Area” covering 46.31 hectares, where there is Taipei MRT system with 6 lines intersected. The Airport MRT directly leads to the international airport to realize zero distance with the international airport, thus the people can easily enter the new gate of Taiwan with ’’Business 1-Day Life Circle’’.

l   Product advantage DNA – The architectural words of ’’A1 China TeBo‘’ undertakes the mission of playing a transitional role, therefore, the architectural team has chosen the stone materials to create the neoclassical architecture, introduced the latest architectural design and science and technology, so that the new architecture shakes off the sense of dilapidation embodied in the old architecture and own its all-new architectural life.

l   Safety advantage DNA – ‘’A1 China TeBo’’ will be built with the living safety level equivalent to that of the luxurious residence. So the architectural team has used Vertical Deformation Damper (VDD), which will be attached onto the main architectural structure, thus largely improving the living safety. This has become the only anti-seismic residence with small and medium size in Jhongzheng District of Taipei.