WHAT'S NEW 2012-02-01

Congratulations for undertaking the project of the entrusted management for “Dalongdong Public Housing”

“Dalongdong Public Housing” property management entrustment project has been implemented by Forrest International Properties since the early January!

Taipei City Major, Hao Longbin, will finish his first year in the reappointment tenure. Taking further actions with regard to the public housing policy, he said, Taipei City has had Dalongdong Public Housing, and in the next year, another building of public houses will be promoted by the renovation of the existing national houses, the quantity proportion of small-sized houses will be increased to 50%, and the rent and renting qualification will be adjusted, so that the young people in Taipei City can live and work in peace and contentment.

Hao Longbin had visited the public rented houses in Singapore and Hong Kong, and said, to make more citizens live in the public houses, the government is studying and discussing how to relax the volume reward of public rented houses, by increasing the maximum floors of public houses from 10 floors to 20 floors under the legal permission. And relevant laws have been submitted to the Congress for review, which would very probably be approved.

On the 25th day of this month, Hao Longbin will finish his first year in the reappointment tenure. During the special interview yesterday, he elaborated on his administration planning in the next 3 years, in which the public housing and Universiade 2017 were the highlights to be promoted by Taipei City Government. Hao Longbin said, Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and has the unshakable responsibility to become the benchmark city in Taiwan, and Taipei has been more than the competitor of domestic cities, but the competitor of international cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul.

As for the action, Hao Longbin said, we should strive for the rights to hold international activities, such as Flower Expo, Deaflympics and Universiade, that is, to make the world look at Taiwan.


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